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Love this game and the idea! Think i encountered a small bug at the end. migth wanna check that out!

Cool that you liked it! Thanks for the video. I'll try to reproduce your steps and maybe I can figure it out (if it's a bug/glitch or something else).


One of my favourites! what a great game, keep it up :)

Great to hear! Thanks for trying the game out. Getting caught three times is pretty good for the first time.


This was really fun, and normally I'm not a big fan of being chased in games lol. Great job! I definitely plan to come back to the full version of the game in the near future!

Awesome! Funny video. And by the way, the toothpaste was upstairs ;)


W demo i wish i wasnt broke so i could buy this LMFAO


I actually jumpscared when I got caught xDD

This was a lot of fun, I'll be sure to check out the full game!!


Great video! Cool to see that you got scared/nervous. You learned pretty quickly.


a fun game and super creepy when i get chased, i liked it 10/10

57 seconds? That's quick!


I freaked out during this game but it was all in all a very fun game! Here's my gameplay if you wanna watch

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Boy, I sure hope my buddy Todd gets better in the future. Poor guys been through a lot, he hardly even recognizes me!

Cool video! 60 nos in less than 30 seconds - that should be a new high score.


This game made me spook 10/10

You were really scared, nice video!


It seems like I am giving this game a hard time, but these games just give me a lot of anxiety. Haha!! I liked it. Well done!

Don't worry. At least you tried! I am also getting scared by some games...

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I love this demo a lot, it was so fun and kept me on the edge of my seat!

Funny video! The first thing you did was ring the doorbell 😄

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this game was hilarious 10/10!!!

hahaha when he jumped out of the window at 2:50

Nice video!


I liked this demo a lot! I went in the game thinking I was going to win but I ended the video with 0 w's. This game was pretty fun! counting on playing more of your games. 


Yes, the game is harder than it looks. But it's cool that you enjoyed the game and thank you for your video.


Dont even ask about the thumnail, I made the game look as horrible as possible lmaooo, but it was really fun even though I couldn't beat it

Game was dope

Cool video! Also liked that Playstation 1 graphics part. Glad that you enjoyed it. I'm sure you will beat it at some point.


I really loved this demo! The gameplay is very silly but quite clever. It's a glorified version of hide-and-seek and the old cat and mouse game. You can play as a single-player or up to four players. The demo (available here and Steam) can only be played as a single-player.

The objective is easy enough: break into the house and steal all the items on your list without getting seen and caught. The list of items can be ridiculous from a coin to a slice of pizza on a plate. The great thing is that the list changes as well as the locations of the items for each game played. Maybe I was off when I played and recorded, but I couldn't seem to steal all the things on the lists I had in my gameplay. I don't know if the demo provides more maps or just a house. Regardless, I had so much fun I ended up buying the full game. So now I'm trying to convince my friends to get it. As of this review (3/20/21), the game is $12 USD on Steam.

I highly recommend you get this game. I haven't looked into the full game too much but I hear there are multiple maps, and using strategy increases your chances of evading the homeowner.


Nice video! Thank you for trying the game out and buying it. I am glad you enjoy it. The 4-player multiplayer mode/level is more of an addon/extra/bonus. You will have the most fun by playing through the 11 single player levels (9 of them can be played online with a friend).


pretty good

although the download was really slow

Nice that you liked it. The download speed depends on your (and's) internet connection.


The person whos in the house must have PTSD walking up and down the stairs.

He's strangling intruders instead of calling the police - he's definitely not normal.


this demo is so awesome! I played it a little while ago for my youtube channel :)

Nice that you had fun!

I can't see what I'm doing? the camera is stuck looking straight ahead

how do I fix this ?


That's strange. Do you play with a mouse and keyboard and on Windows (64-bit)? If so, try going into Settings -> Input and click "Reset".

I do play with a mouse and keyboard, and the mouse works fine when clicking things on the menu(s) but it doesn't let me look around 

Did "reset" inside the settings menu work?


ye ummm, I was upstairs and looked around to see if the house owner was on the stairs, he was sprinting up at me as fast as he could, looked at me, and then ate me, fun game



i love this game! 


That's awesome!


an absolute gem on the website!



This was my "take 2" RIP haha keep em coming!!! 

You almost did it! Nice.

do you have any ideas about when the full game is coming out? will you release it here?

Hey, the game already released on Steam:


haha i dont have any money, rip. good for you guys though! love this game.

No problem. If you'd like to get the game in the future, just add it to your wishlist on Steam and Steam will notify you when it goes on sale.

where on earth is the coin and cheese on the plate? ive played so many rounds trying to find them XDD

The coin is likely in a drawer in the hallway (on the ground floor) or in the upstairs wardrobe. Cheese on a plate should be in the kitchen, you may need to open some cabinets.


I found out about the coin yesterday, just found out you could open kitchen cabinets today!


I have yet to pass BUT I will SUCCEED! LOL love this! 
Here is a glance of what I experienced :) all the fun 

Nice intro! You were so close to beating it, only had one object left.


this made me laugh ama sub her XD


How are yall?



Amazing game, gives me hello neighbor vibes when being chased xD

I definitely recommend this game. 

That's good to hear. Many Thanks!


That panic you feel when you're being chased and you look behind you, but only to see the person is RIGHT ON YOUR TAIL! hahaha thank god for the ladder to the upstairs window. This game is tremendously fun and an easy gate to loads of humor. The gameplay is easy-going, but challenging enough to where you don't breeze right through it. It really keeps you on your toes! I wouldn't be surprised if the game's popularity blew right up. Highly recommended to check it out on Steam!

Great work! 

Cool video! Thank you for trying the game out.


Can I just say? that this game is a reaally really fun game!

I had a lot of fun playing it, it's not like a real thief simulator where there are some cops that is involved and the game gets really annoying. it's like a comedic simulator and the dev/s really nailed that part. the graphics really suits the atmosphere of the game and that's what keeps me from playing it even though the npcs got me a lot of times.  I got jumpscared a couple of times but still I'm laughing my ass off 'cause this game is just fun. really fun.

Thank you for your kind words! Nice that you had a lot of fun with it and also got jumpscared. 


Fun little game ya got here :)

Funny video you got there :)


Hi there.

I played your game and I got reminded so much about Hello Neighbor just with an actual objective. It was silly but I am not sure if it only behaves like this for the downloadable version or also the Steam release. Cause it was really hard to figure out where the AI is and specially once they spotted you, you would need to deal with a constantly alarmed/sprinting AI and ongoing loop of the music. So I wanted to know if that is still the same in the Steam release, cause that Makes it so hard to achieve anything. Still,.. more fun the Hello Neighbor at least. Which is always a plus in my book.

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the AI will stay alerted once he sees you (it's the same on the Steam version). You did it pretty well and still found lots of items despite the Ai running around the house. Also, you can perform several actions to distract him for a few seconds (turning on the CD player, ringing the doorbell, setting off beartraps).

Ah I see, well thanks for the answer.


I loved this and featured it in my 3 Random Games why not check it out 

Thanks! Nice video and cool to see how surprised you were when he jumped through the window.

100% gonna be checking out the full game for a video I had a blasy


This was super fun! Loved the colours and the pace of the game, it was done really well! Everything is slow at first but when the player gets spotted, things start pacing up real fast, and while not many people might like that, I actually preferred the fast pace of the game after the owners spot the thief. 

The changing items and randomised location were really fun and kept the pace up. Though I couldn't find the trophy at the very end, though I checked everywhere, but that might just be me. Making the items a little more different than the rest of the things might be good; one example is the frisbee and the candle. The frisbee looked like a plate and the candle blended into the background a lot. But I think everything was really distinct and really unique and finding each thing was challenging and really fun!

Other than that, hope the house gets better and there are more places to hide and distract the owners and maybe even opening up the yard and going to hide in there or something as well.

Was really entertaining and really fun to play! Good luck on future updates and projects!

Thank you for your kind words and the video! You can see the golden chalice on the piano in the background (17:13). To make the footsteps louder: You can change the volume of the footsteps (and also music, sound FX) in the menu. If you want more, be sure to check out the full game on Steam.


fun game ! just bought it on steam :)

Awesome! I'm glad you like it!


(start 6:14) Where is the coin?

hahaha, you already posted your video in a comment below.

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this game is awesome lmfao here's one of my videos on it!

Cool video! It's nice that it scares you more than at dead of night.

a little hard but very fun


That's nice!



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